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Final Fantasy XVI Has Entered the ‘Final Stretch» of Development

Even in spite of Final Fantasy XVI hidden from the public eye, it is reportedly nearing completion. This was announced by producer Naoki Yoshida. Final Fantasy XVIthe long-awaited next main game in the series is now in the «final phase» of development.

Within the framework of cooperation between last fantasy franchise and Uniqlo clothing storeYoshida told the store’s UT magazine about the upcoming title.

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«Currently developing the latest title, Final Fantasy XVI, is at the last stage. Like a single player game Final Fantasy XVI aims to combine story and gameplay,” said Yoshida. “Unlike online games where multiple players participate at the same time, Final Fantasy XVI has an individual focus, which makes the story more exciting. And I think the story got pretty deep. I hope adults who have grown up understand the rules of society and move away from last fantasy thinking that «the real world is not as simple as a video game» may recall the enthusiasm they had then. That’s what we remember when we make this game.»

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More information about Final Fantasy XVI are now due to be disclosed this spring after a long delay as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially unveiled during Sony’s 2020 PS5 event, the game still doesn’t have an official release date, but it will launch on PS5.

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