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Fantastic Beasts 3 is Lowest US Harry Potter Opening

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets had a relatively poor start in the US, grossing only $43 million—the lowest of any Harry Potter film—but still does well abroad. Internationally, this is JK Rowling’s third entry in her fantastic beasts The spin-off grossed $150.4 million, bringing the film’s total worldwide rating to $193 million. Per Termthe image lags behind its predecessors by 42% and 38% over the same time period.

So it’s not exactly magical. What that means for the planned five-picture franchise is anyone’s guess, especially since audiences who gave it a B+ CinemaScore are reacting to it the same way. Dumbledore how they dealt with poorly reviewed and received Grindelwald crimes. Now that the Discovery-WB merger is finally complete, it will be interesting to see what the new forces do with the Potter brand.

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In the other place, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 fell -58% in the second frame, bringing total domestic sales to $119.6 million, while lost city accumulated another $6.5 million for $78.5 million.

A24 All Everywhere All at once continues to be strong, earning $6.1 million (+1%) in its fourth weekend of release. In total, the picture has collected 17.7 million dollars.

The only other semi-wide release was a religious-themed Mark Wahlberg/Mel Gibson film. Stu’s father, which came out of the gate with a respectable, but not great, $7 million from 2,705 theaters. Again, unless it’s a superhero movie or a well-known brand on the big screen, audiences prefer to stay at home.

An action comedy starring Nicolas Cage is coming out next weekend. The Unbearable Weight of Huge Talentwhich is currently 97% on RottenTomatoes and the action picture Northernerstarring Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman.

one.) Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets (WB), 4,208 theaters, Fri $20M, Sat $13.9M, Sun $9.1M, 3 days $43M per week 1

2.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Nominal) 4,258 theaters (+24), Friday $10.85M (-59%), Sat $11.6M, Sun $7.55M, 3 days $30M (-58%) / 119 total, $6 million / week 2.

3.) lost city (Nominal) 3430 (-367) theaters Fri. $2.07M (-20%) Sat $2.55M Sun $1.9M 3 days $6.5M (-28%) / Total $78.5M / Week 4

4.) All Everywhere All at once (A24) 2220 (+970) cinemas, Fri $1.9M, Sat $2.4M, Sun $1.85M, 3 days $6.1M (+1%)/total $17.7M ​dollars per week 4

5.) Stu’s father (Sony) 2,705 theaters, Fri $1.68M / Sat $2.2M, Sun $1.8M, 3 days $5.68M / $8M total / Week 1

6.) Morbius (Sony) 3462 (-806) theaters, Fri $1.57M (-46%), Sat $1.98M, Sun $1.1M, 3 days $4.7M (-54%) %) / total $65.1 million per week 3

7.) Ambulance (Uni) 3,412 theaters, Fri $1.3M (-59%), Sat $1.6M, Sun $1.08M, 3 days $4.04M (-54%) / Total 15.6M dollars a week 2

eight.) Batman (WB) 2,535 (-719) theaters Fri $1.3m (-28%) Sat $1.56m Sun $940k 3 days: $3.8m (-41%) Total $365m dollars a week 7

nine.) KFG Chapter 2 (Sia) 510 theaters, Friday $527K, Sat $573K, Sunday $386K, 3 days $1.486M / $2.9M total / Week 1

ten.) KFG Chapter 2 (Viva, Hindi) 300 theaters $497K, Sat $518K, Sunday $373K, 3 days $1.38M/Total $1.7M/Week 1

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