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Famous People Who Couldn’t Convincingly Play Themselves Onscreen

“This was probably the most difficult challenge I have ever faced in my 43 years of life and filmmaking. I was scared.»

These are the words of Nicolas Cage, one of today’s most fearless actors. Over the course of his career, Cage has played a face-changing criminal, slacker screenwriter and his twin brother, a man who believes he is slowly turning into a vampire, an alcoholic trying to drink himself to death, and a genius chef turned recluse. hunt for your priceless pig, as well as about 100 other challenging roles.

So what made Cage so nervous? The role of «Nick Cage» in comedy The unbearable weight of a huge talent. Are you playing a stunt biker possessed by a demonic spirit of vengeance? No problem! Playing himself? BUT difficult task!

This kind of puts things in perspective. If the brilliant Nicolas Cage had a hard time playing himself, it’s no surprise that so many other celebrities — not just actors, but musicians, celebrity chefs, athletes, and other notables — have struggled to convincingly portray fictional versions of themselves on screen. The list below contains ten of the most notable, uncomfortable, embarrassing, and unintentionally funny examples. Sometimes you really need a lot of talent to pull these things off.

Celebrities Who Failed to Play Themselves Convincingly on Screen

Very famous people have struggled to play fictional versions of themselves in movies. Apparently, this is not as easy as it seems.

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