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InicioTechnologyExclusive Vinyl Nation Clip Previews Records Documentary

Exclusive Vinyl Nation Clip Previews Records Documentary

ComingSoon is pleased to present a clip from the upcoming 1091 Pictures film. vinyl nation documentary to be released digitally on April 19th. The film chronicles the resurgence and history of vinyl records, which have been improving yearly since 2007.

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“The vinyl renaissance over the last decade has brought new fans to the classic format and redefined the record collector: younger, both male and female, multicultural. This same renaissance made music more expensive to purchase, benefited established bands over independent artists, and confused whether vinyl actually sounded better than other formats. “vinyl nation digging through the crates of record revivals for truths carved in deep wax: has the return of vinyl made the music fandom more inclusive or divided? What does vinyl say about our past here in the present? How has the second life of vinyl changed the way we hear music and how we listen to each other?”

Check vinyl nation clip below:

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vinyl nation Directed by Christopher Boone and Kevin Smoker.

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