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Exclusive Trip Clip From Horror Film Starring Akasha Villalobos

ComingSoon is pleased to present Travel An excerpt from the horror film, which is now available on Terror Films and will go into wide digital release on May 20th. Starring Akasha Villalobos (The last girl standing), Major Dodge (Cobra Kai), Peggy Schott (Fear the walking dead), Jill Young and Bjorgvin Arnarson (Chucky).

«After her daughter’s suicide, the heartbroken mother is visited by an unconventional therapist who offers a hallucinogenic drug that allows her to communicate with the dead,» the synopsis reads. «Desperate to understand her daughter’s psyche, she accepts the offer and soon finds herself horrified by the same daughter’s experience.»

Check Travel clip below:

“When I saw Gremlins at age 6, I became obsessed with monsters. Then I became obsessed with storytelling and making movies, so the monsters naturally came to my rescue. But I never imagined that a monster could be intangible, like an emotion,” says director Neil McKay. “And then the idea for Trip was born. Could something like depression become a movie villain? What attracted me to making The Trip was that it wasn’t just about making scary stuff. The main story was about grief and depression, as well as the struggle to maintain relationships and maintain hope. As someone who has struggled with this myself, I have found storytelling to be therapeutic. Although the movie is centered around a reclusive alcoholic who isolates himself in his home and there is a character who appears with a face mask, I promise you that this was all written and filmed in 2019, long before we knew about COVID -nineteen. It’s just a coincidence! But I’m glad it can be a topic of conversation. Now more than ever, we need to lean on each other to discuss and address issues of isolation and depression.”

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