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Exclusive The Whole Animal Trailer Previews Meat Documentary

ComingSoon happy to debut Whole animal trailer for COMM TVUpcoming meat documentary on full use. From the team that made Delicacy, the film visits five countries and uses a mysterious cookbook to show that «by wasting nothing, we can learn as much about our food as we do about the culture that made it.» It will release on June 3, 2022 and will be directed by Jason Wise, who co-wrote the screenplay with Christina Wise and Jackson Myers.

Check Whole animal trailer below:

“In the world of food, there is no greater gap between plate and source than there is in the case of meat. Many of the beautiful and sought-after dishes that now grace the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants and appear on cooking shows have one thing in common: these dishes were conceived and perfected in small villages by unique cultures for very specific reasons,” he says. official synopsis. “As society has become more mechanized, we have lost touch with the animals, culture and stories that make up these meals.

“But there is a growing movement at the top of the culinary industry to bring attention and respect to the history of our food and the ancient butcher profession. Whole animal takes viewers to five countries through the pages of an enigmatic cookbook to discover how using an entire animal without wasting anything can tell us as much about our food as it does about the culture that made it.»


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