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Exclusive Dakota Clip Teases Canine Adventure Film

ComingSoon is pleased to present a clip from Samuel Goldwyn Films. Dakota, which starred Abbie Cornish, Lola Sultan, Patrick Muldoon, Roberto Davide, Tim Rozon and William Baldwin. Released in theaters earlier this year, the adventure film will be released on video-on-demand and digital on May 20, 2022. Directed by Kirk Harris from a screenplay by Johnny Harrington.

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“When Marine Clet Sanders tragically dies in Afghanistan, Sergeant T. J. Malcolm makes good on a promise to bring Dakota, Clet’s best friend and fighting dog, home to his family’s farm. Clet’s wife Kate (Abbie Cornish), along with her daughter (Sultan), are struggling to run a small town farm and also run the local volunteer fire department, so TJ offers to stay and help. Dakota quickly adjusts to farm life and becomes a local hero after rescuing a woman from a burning building. “Meanwhile, the local sheriff (Patrick Muldoon) knows that Kate’s land is valuable and is relying on her to sell the farm. He will stop at nothing to get the land, including setting fire to the farm. With the help of TJ, her daughter and her new best friend Dakota, Kate realizes the true value of a family farm and, most importantly, friendship.»

Check Dakota clip below:

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Dakotaa produced by Andrea Iervolino, Monique Bacardi and Marty Poole. The executive producers are Julie McLaughlin, Ace Underhill and Fabio Varlese.

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