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Episode 3 Recap, Theories, and Thoughts

It’s a safe space Saul fans. So let it out. Apparently, our beloved Nacho is dead. Boom. Just. In less than three episodes in the last season, we have our first victim. Has anyone been as shocked as me? I mean, looking back at this episode, it’s clear as hell that this is Michael Mando’s last hurray as a popular character, but on first viewing, I kept thinking, «No way, he’s not going to die so early this season.»

Nacho, for kids keeping score at home, has played a pretty important role throughout the series. Although he tended to disappear in a few episodes, his personality seemed to be an integral part of the story. In many ways he was Better call Saul Jesse Pinkman, the man stuck between two worlds is the one he is knows he must live (with his father) and another criminal universe from which he cannot escape.

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However, this is a rather shocking turn at the start of the game. I still haven’t finished. I think part of me really believed Saul when he told Walt and Jesse, “It wasn’t me, it was Ignacio! He’s the one!» It happened back in the second season. Breaking Bad. Saul lies over a ditch and believes that the masked men with guns are working with Lalo Salamanca, and Nacho’s name is mentioned in a way that suggests the pair were working on a big deal together.

Well, apparently it wasn’t. Perhaps Saul used the name Nacho, knowing full well that he was already dead by this point. Or maybe it was just the first name that came to the lawyer’s mind right before the end of his life. Although you would think: «Tell Kim I love her» or «Save Martha!» would be more appropriate.

Either way, Nacho is dead. Now what?

It’s fair to ask, given that the first three episodes spent a lot of time on this subplot. In fact, Episode 3, titled «Stone and Anvil», begins right after Nacho’s shootout with the Salamanca twins. Well, our first official scene is an extended look at the shard of glass Nacho uses to free himself from his zip ties right before he dies, but we cut straight to the man puffing in the same wrecked truck he was last seen in. in.

I was confused at this point because I assumed it crashed at the end of the last episode, but maybe I missed something. Anyway, after briefly contemplating the confrontation, Nacho walks around the wrecked car and runs towards… the only obstacle nearby, an abandoned oil tank. Despite the nearby foliage, Nacho decides to jump into the rotting piece of metal and sink into the oil at the bottom. Given that the twins had been surveying the area for about fifteen seconds, I figured it would be best for him to hide in the grass.

It doesn’t matter, because – oddly enough – his hideout works! The twins leave and Nacho stays in the aquarium for the rest of the day for some reason before setting out on foot. (By the way, that timelapse with the tank was pretty cool!) The next day, he escapes from the hose to the auto repair shop, and then calls his father, who is still complaining from their last conversation. “You know what you need to do. Go to the police, his father says.

Even at this point I didn’t consider it Nacho final conversation with his dad. Though he’s fully filmed like Nacho final conversation with his dad.

After this tender moment, Nacho gets down to business. He calls Mike and arranges with Gus Fring: “I will give you my life for his life,” he essentially says, referring to his father. One day, Mike promises to protect him with one of these handy Breaking Bad explanations – «Your father will be all right, because anyone who goes after him will have to go through me.» Certainly.

But besides, Mike doesn’t die in Breaking Bad? (Camera: Walt shoots Mike and then a henchman kills Nacho’s father.)

Mike hides Nacho in a truck and beats him up to make his «catch» look convincing. Nacho effectively sold his life to save his father and willingly agrees to meet with the Salamancas to clear Gus’s name. During this encounter, Nacho will pretend to run away before being killed by a bullet from Mike’s sniper rifle. The next morning, the gang is met by Juan Bolsa, Hector and the twins in some abandoned desert area. Everything goes mostly according to plan, except for Nacho severing his bonds with a shard of glass and taking Bolsa hostage with his own gun. He reveals that it was Alvarez, who worked for Los Odios from Peru, who orchestrated Lalo’s hit. Then, in a scene reminiscent of the telephone tirade that Walt used to clear Skyler’s name in Breaking BadNacho makes it clear how much he hates Gus, thus freeing him from his crime.

Instead of grabbing Bolsa, the twins, and Hector on the spot, Nacho remembers that this is just a prequel and shoots himself more out of plot convenience than necessity. Thus ends the days of Nacho. Were they worth it? Absolutely.

Kim and Sol

Meanwhile, Kim and Saul continue to attack poor Howard. They have a bunch of post-its on a whiteboard in their living room, each representing a step in their complex plan. Saul looks over his schedule as he gets ready for work, Kim joins him, and the pair discuss their dastardly plan – one more day at the Goodman house.

At the moment everything they say is nonsense. “What if we use a real car? His car, Kim asks. We know what they do, but we don’t know how they do it, and this light teasing only adds to the tension.

Later, Kim has a friendly conversation with Susanna Eriksen from the DA’s office, who informs her that Saul can usurp attorney/client privileges with Lalo in case he didn’t know it was Lalo who was defending. Kim listens to Suzanne’s proposal, which boils down to Saul denouncing Lalo to the DA.

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This is the safe route. At this point, Kim and Seif don’t quite go hand in hand. Instead, she reminds Suzanne of how badly she treated Jimmy/Saul in the past. She even instructs her to call him Saul. Oh Kim.

We move on to a fun moment with Saul and his favorite sticky-fingered partner, Hewell. The latter makes his patented life move and steals Howard’s car keys from an irresponsible teenager and patiently waits for the «key keeper» to copy the keys. What are you doing, Saul?

After completing his day of deceit, Saul heads home and finds Kim deep in thought. She uncovers the DA’s deal. “Do you think I should do this,” Saul asks. “It depends,” she replies. «Do you want to be a friend of the cartel or do you want to be a rat?»

Well when you put it down that way.

Kim has gone so far that it’s hard to remember her as the straight-laced lawyer who smoked with Jimmy in the Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill garage. At this point, it seems to me that Kim believes that there is no turning back. They made their choice and she fully embraced this new new path, for better or worse. Saul has two options. Both are dangerous. Also, one leads to wealth (and probably death). The other leads to ruin (and probably death).

Choose the form of your destroyer wisely, Saul.

All in all, it was another solid episode. I found Nacho’s death somewhat disappointing, but only because I brought my own preconceived expectations of the character into the episode. Indeed, it was time for the man to take his leave so we could focus on the main storylines of the show. In that regard, I think it’s only fair that Nacho received a dignified death inflicted by his own hand. He died in his own way and protected his father, which was his only mission.

God bless you, Nacho. We’ll miss you, buddy.

Other notes:

  • Last week I confessed that I hated Mike on Breaking Bad and got called out in some of the comments. Let me explain: everything is perfect in the character. I hated Mike for the way he got in the way of Walt. And to be honest, I hated everyone who got in Walt’s way, including Jesse. So no I don’t hate character as written. They were important to the plot of the show, but I saw that anyone who posed a threat to Walt’s rapid plunge into the abyss was annoying.
  • I wonder if real the drug dealers put on an equally convincing performance as Nacho did in the episode’s climax. He had to make Hector, Juan and the twins believe his lies; and do it while Gus gives him one of those knowing looks that you think the other characters will catch.
  • At parting, Nacho tells Hector that it was he who put him in a wheelchair. look Breaking Bad after learning these details will be fun.
  • Huell gets an interesting twist when he asks Saul why he does what he does. “You are a lawyer and make good money,” he says. «Your wife is a lawyer and she makes good money.» So why does Saul subject himself to torment? Why, exactly, Huell.
  • Kim has played a huge role in the creation of Sol so far. We see her telling Suzanne that Jimmy changed his name to Saul, which seems like an important detail. How far will this woman fall? How much is Saul really Jimmy? How much Saul is in Kim?
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