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Elizabeth Olsen Discusses Her Marvel Future Post-‘Doctor Strange’

The following post contains SPOILERS for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and, in particular, Wanda’s role and fate in the film. Beware.

Elizabeth Olsen recently gave an interview in which she spoke about the fate of the Scarlet Witch, and fans have reason to believe that we may not have seen her for the last time. Although a recent release Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness definitely shook things up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not all of those shake-ups are welcome.

WandaVision became a classic as soon as it came out. Even people who don’t actually consider themselves big superhero fans have gotten into it. That being said, a ton of people absolutely fell in love with the characters on the show. Of course, most of the show focuses on Wanda’s relationship with the Vision and their children, but Wanda herself has become a standout. Unfortunately for fans of the show, WandaVision there is actually only one season, and as far as is known, there are no plans to move on.

Wanda is back Multiverse of Madness but she turned out to be the film’s main villain. While many moviegoers may have been shocked, it’s good to remember that Wanda plays multiple roles in the comics. Sometimes the Witch is at odds with other heroes. Unfortunately, this leads to her death. She sacrifices herself to destroy the Darkhold after realizing that he turned her into a monster.

Considering the MCU’s Wanda is dead, fans were more than upset. But according to Olsen herself, she expects to return as Wanda again in the future. Question asked Diversitydoes she think Multiverse of Madness «Goodbye Marvel,» Olsen replied…

It’s strange that I’m waiting for the return, but no one told me that I was doing something! But in my mind, I’m just making the assumption that they’ll get me again. I do not know to what extent, but I hope that I returned. I hope there is more fun to be had in something else. Where are we going? I feel like we did so much with her.

When you enter the entire multiverse, anything can happen. Just because one Wanda may have died, a whole multiverse of others is still alive. We even saw some What if…?-Style scripts have been making their way into the MCU lately. If superhero movies show us one thing, it’s that there’s no limit to what’s possible.

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