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Dyspo Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Announced Alongside Free Update

Bandai Namco and Dragon Ball announced another brand new DLC character for Dragon Ball Zenover 2and Dyspo should be in the game as part of the Awakening Warrior Edition Pack DLC this summer.

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Awakened Warrior Pack will feature a variety of content, chosen by players through the Conton City vote that was previously held to determine the next warrior to enter the game. In the first vote between Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-), Dyspo, Bergamo, Vegeta (GT) and Android 18 (DB Super), Goku’s Ultra Instinct form won, resulting in an iconic character and his new Dragon Ball Super form in the game last month. Now it’s Dyspo’s turn to come into play.

dispo dragonball xenoverse 2

Dyspo debuted in episode 85 of the series Dragon Ball Super, serving as a member of the Pride Troopers (a very powerful team of superheroes active in Universe 11) before later taking part in the Tournament of Power. Throughout his speech in Dragon Ball Super (and in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly), Dyspo is shown to be a relatively arrogant and reckless individual, albeit one with a strong sense of justice.

In the game, Dispo’s main stat will be his speed, and Dispo’s announcement notes that players will be able to approach enemies almost instantly using the character. His Awakening Technique also increases his movement speed even further, giving him nearly unmatched abilities to get close to opponents.

dragonball xernoverse 2

Along with Dispo, Dragon Ball Zenover 2 is also going to get a free update during the summer. The update includes a new CC mascot in the form of the Mercenary Dragon, a small companion that will fly alongside you in combat, and this was also decided by a Conton City vote. The Mercenary Dragon, or Icarus as he is sometimes called, is one of Gohan’s closest non-human friends and appears in Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might movie. Several new figures will also appear in the playable Coliseum of Heroes, and Son Goku and Dispo will be added to the mode.

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Despite the launch in 2016, support Dragon Ball Zenover 2 still going strong. Bandai Namco has made it a point to keep updating the game despite two other major Dragon Ballvideo games – FighterZ and Kakarot were released during this period of time. There is also potential for future updates.

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