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Duke Nukem Forever Build From 2001 Has Leaked Online

Version Duke Nukem forever which was released on consoles and PC in 2011, is very different from what the original developer 3D Realms advertised. For many years after the huge success Duke Nukem 3D, fans were waiting for a sequel with their favorite movie-quoting character, but behind-the-scenes turmoil led to an eternal development cycle and the collapse of the company that created the character. One of the few times the public saw this oft-delayed relaunch was in E3 2001and a build from this demo may soon be made available to the public thanks to a leak.

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According to Duke4.netleader named x0r on the infamous 4chan forum claims to have the game as well as the editor and source code, all backed up by numerous gameplay videos and screenshots. With all this information and a playable version of what was in development at the time, the game is still alive. Duke Nukem the modding community could come together to create something playable from this standalone version of the game. However, it might not be a game at all given the state it was in at the time. Co-founder of Original 3D Realms George Broussard tweeted that he believed the leak to be real, although he disputed how playable this version of the game was.

“You have to moderate expectations a lot,” Broussard said. “There is no real game. Just a small part of the barely populated test levels.

Scott Miller, founder of 3D Realms, also intervened in on the company’s website, reiterating that the game was very rough at the time and sharing his perspective on the company’s failures at the time.

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Duke Nukem and the name 3D Realms is owned by The Embracer Group and Duke specifically falls under the purview of Borderlands Developer Gearbox Software. In addition to the 2011 edition DNF and a cameo in the re-release hail of bulletsGearbox has yet to fully revive Duke in the present day, perhaps due to how out of place his deliberately over the top character would be in today’s cultural landscape. As it stands, it’s unclear if the cigar-munching alien killer will see the light of day again, and if so, when.

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