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Does Andor Take Place on the Identical Time as Star Wars Rebels?

Andor Episode 5 contained a reference to Star Wars Rebels this clearly reveals that the sequence takes place concurrently the animation.

Throughout a dialogue between ISB supervisor Dedra Miro and the officer, he virtually casually mentions Star Wars Rebels when he mentions the planet Kessel. Let’s delve into what occurred on this planet, which is extra essential to historical past than it may appear. There could also be spoilers if you happen to proceed studying, watch out.

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What occurred on Kessel?

Kessel is a planet the place the Insurgent Alliance operated within the years main as much as the Battle of Yavin. Location performs a key position in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebel, a two-part introduction to the animated sequence. The story follows Ezra Bridger, who joins the crew of the Ghost as they journey to Kessel to rescue a number of Wookiee slaves from spice mines run by the Empire. It’s then that Kanan Jarrus reveals himself as a Jedi who survived Order 66 by teaming up with Ezra. rebels expanded on Ezra’s story as he himself found he was Pressure-sensitive. The present developed over 4 seasons from 2014 to 2018.

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The viewers already knew that Andor started in 5 BBY, as talked about within the present’s opening scene. Nonetheless, it was unclear how this present associated to others. star Wars story to the final half. «Kessel, Fondor, focusing on Jakku’s remotes,» Officer Miro says, itemizing all of the places the place the Rebel has been lively. The officer’s phrases indicate that Ghost Workforce’s mission on Kessel failed simply earlier than or on the identical time that Andor made a fuss on Ferrix. It’s not sufficient to say that Andor can cross a few of rebels characters ultimately. Nonetheless, it’s recognized for certain that they work virtually concurrently.

AT Andor Episode 5, each Miro and the officer agree that one thing is occurring within the galaxy as somebody is taking over arms towards the Empire. On the identical time, a number of insurgent cells don’t appear to be cooperating to get the larger image, though their actions are greater than sufficient to trigger confusion. «It is too random to be random,» the officer concluded as he delved deeper into the investigation.

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