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‘Doctor Strange’ Conjures Biggest Opening Weekend of 2022 So Far

It’s a multiverse of madness… and money.

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness it was expected to perform well in theaters this week and exceeded those expectations to achieve even greater success. When the box office rolled in, the film was not only the #1 film of the weekend, but also the biggest opening of 2022. The film grossed approximately $185 million over the weekend, including $90 million on Friday alone. Hollywood Reporter.

This is the second Marvel Cinematic Universe film in a row to absolutely dominate the box office. Spiderman: No Way Home opened in late 2021, at the height of the Omicron wave of the Covid pandemic, and made $260 million in its opening weekend, on its way to $804.6 million in the US and $1.89 billion worldwide. It is now the third biggest film in the country and the sixth biggest in the world. Doctor Strange not on the same level of success – but it’s about a superhero who has never had the level of recognition or popularity that Spider-Man has, and therefore the fact that he’s even in the same league as Spiderman it’s certainly cause for celebration at Marvel.

If the $185 million figure is correct, this will do Multiverse of Madness 11th largest opening in film history; right after Avengers: Age of Ultron191 million dollars, and slightly ahead Incredibles 2$182 million. This is also the seventh-largest opening in MCU history after four Avengers, Spiderman: No Way Homeand Black Panther.

After three days in theaters Doctor Strange already the second biggest film of 2022 after DC Batmanwhich has earned $369 million in US theaters to date. Doctor Strange will almost certainly exceed that number when all is said and done. Internationally, the film has already grossed over $450 million.

In other words… the movie is a big hit.

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