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Doctor Strange 2 is Elizabeth Olsen at Her Absolute Best

So now that most of us have seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessIt’s time to collect your thoughts. Overall, the movie was a fun time in films that work mostly because of the A+ talent involved, even if it doesn’t quite reach the high bar of Marvel’s best offerings. Still, Doctor Weird 2 strange enough, satisfactorily violent, and generally succeeds as dark popcorn entertainment, especially when Elizabeth Olsen appears on screen.

With the obligatory spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, let’s go ahead and talk about what this sequel did decisively right:

Wanda/Scarlet Witch

Doctor Strange can stand on top Multiverse of Madnessbut Elizabeth Olsen is its brightest star. The actress embellishes and threatens the screen as Wanda/Scarlet Witch to the point where you want the story to stay with her character for over two hours. Indeed, her brutal, blood-soaked journey to reunite with her children (which I think contrasts with the ending WandaVision — but who cares now) serves as the emotional backbone of the film and creates all the best action sequences. In terms of performances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Olsen deserves a mention at the top of the list.

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Influence of Sam Raimi

my excitement for Doctor Strange 2 hit its peak when it learned that legendary director Sam Raimi had been signed on to direct – and yes, the payoff was well worth it. The horror maestro brings his usual array of tricks to the action, taking what is essentially a fairly rudimentary scenario to mind-blowing heights. And while even his creative genius can’t effectively push the Marvel machine in new directions, he’s at least making headway. Weird 2 with a flavor that is sadly lacking in many MCU efforts. At this point, the studio would have been wise to bring in stronger outside voices to steer the ship into exciting, uncharted territory.

John Krasinski as Reed Richards

Cameos are all the rage in the MCU. Doctor Strange 2 definitely delivers some surprises in this category. Best of all was the occasional appearance of John Krasinski as Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four. A long time ago, this man competed with Chris Evans for the role of Captain America, which never seemed right to me. However, when I saw him in this black and blue suit, I changed my mind – this guy absolutely fits all the requirements of a superhero. I hope he returns in future films and is able to do a lot more in the MCU as a whole.

Rachel McAdams

One of the big surprises Weird 2 was how much Rachel McAdams is featured in the story. The actress barely appeared in any commercials, which led me to believe that her appearance during that brief wedding scene at the beginning of the film would be her last in the MCU – sort of a half-hearted way to end this particular one. Strange plot point. Instead, Christina McAdams appears in another universe as a completely different iteration of herself and is happily featured in the film’s final act. You will never have enough of Rachel McAdams.

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Volume and scale

Some actions in Doctor Strange 2 rather clumsy at first, but Raimi continues to escalate the madness, so that by the final act it reaches epic proportions. I’m not sure there’s anything here that can compete with the interdimensional, Inception-like sets of Scott Derrickson’s original film in terms of scale, but the sequel certainly delivers enough high-octane action to satisfy MCU fans.

Bonus: Avatar Trailer

Personally, my excitement while watching late Thursday night was to catch a glimpse of a James Cameron movie. Avatar: Path of Water teaser. This movie looks just great and I expect it to amaze me this December. I believe in Cameron.

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