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Dead Space Remake Release Date Confirmed

Motive Studio and Electronic Arts have confirmed that the upcoming Dead space the remake reached alpha and even gave the title of a specific release date. The remake of the classic horror game will be released on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC on January 27, 2023. The gameplay presentation is scheduled for October and will be «close to Halloween» on January 14th. years from the month of its original release.

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Along with the release date announcement, Motive hosted an in-depth stream where eager fans could get a behind-the-scenes look at various aspects of development. This includes a deep dive into visuals, character models, environments and lighting – all key aspects of recreating the tense atmosphere of the Visceral original. The one-hour live broadcast is divided into sections consisting of the aforementioned parts.

It’s very detailed and dense, but gives an idea of ​​how Motive has recreated the assets in greater detail, how those assets are placed, how fog and fire interact with the environment or the player, the intricacies of Isaac Clarke’s costume, how Necromorphs disintegrate, the more realistic lighting and lighting sources and more. The full video contains additional developer commentary after each section, while the individual videos on the game channel only contain snippets of the script. And, like the last live stream, it ends with a more complete demo of the game, with all the pieces assembled into one vertical slice.

As Dead space will be a current generation release, it will take full advantage of modern visual technologies, including a version of Ishimura rendered in full HDR and lit with ray tracing. Despite this technical magic, the game will tell the same story about a lone engineer fighting a horde of Necromorph monsters. However, protagonist Isaac Clarke will now speak in the remake, but only when he is being spoken to or when it would be weird if he just kept quiet.

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Original Dead space the trilogy was released from 2008 to 2013 and developed by the now defunct Visceral Games. This was part of the promotion of original intellectual property from EA, which also included Edge of the Mirror, Dante’s Infernoand Army of two. The fact that only Dead space returns just over a decade later, shows how difficult it is to get franchises to gain a foothold in the gaming industry, but Visceral’s original work certainly deserves another day in the spotlight.

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