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Danny DeVito Praises Colin Farrell’s Penguin, Prefers Burton’s Batman

Danny DeVito is no stranger to acting in Batman films, playing the Penguin in Tim Burton’s 1992 film. Batman Returns. Now that Colin Farrell plays the iconic villain in BatmanDeVito gave his fellow actor a seal of approval.

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«Yes. I think Colin did a great job,» DeVito said, when asked if he saw Farrell take on the character, in a recent interview. Wrapper. “Of course, a different environment. I think it was more edgy, serious, gangster Batman. Of course, there are three Italians in it who are the bad guys, Falcone. [laughs]. But I feel that in terms of performances, I think Colin is a good buddy of mine – I think he did a great job with it. You take your hat off to anyone who sits in the makeup chair for so long. I did it with Penguin and I loved it.»

While DeVito said he liked Matt Reeves’ recent film, he still prefers Burton’s more whimsical and «opera» vibe.

“Comparing the two films, I feel like a Tim Burton fan,” DeVito said. “I like the moody, operatic, disgruntled Pee-wee Herman throws me off the bridge [laughs]. It makes me smile. So it’s a different situation, but I watched the movie.»

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Batman Directed by Matt Reeves from a screenplay he co-wrote with Peter Craig. In the superhero movie, Robert Pattinson donned the hood of the Dark Knight. In addition to the upcoming film, Reeves is also currently developing an HBO Max series set in the film’s universe titled Penguinin which Ferrell will play.
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