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Criterion Collection’s July 2022 Lineup Includes Raging Bull, Drive My Car

The Criterion collection has announced six films that will be part of the prestigious collection for July 2022, including the legendary film Mad bullOscar winner drive my carand more.

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July’s most notable release is Martin Scorsese’s film. Mad bull, which will be released on July 12, 2022 in 4K. The film stars Robert De Niro in his Oscar-winning role as Jake LaMotta, a rising middleweight boxer who becomes a superstar filled with paranoia and rage throughout his career. Like other issues of Criterion, Mad bull comes with a host of special features including new video essays, audio commentary and more.

Also on July 12, 2022, a film by David Leon is released. Summer will receive a new 4K digital restoration for the Blu-ray release featuring an uncompressed mono soundtrack from the film. Originally released in 1955, the film, starring the legendary Katharine Hepburn, tells the story of a middle-aged American tourist who confronts her deep-seated insecurities while meeting a charming Italian shopkeeper (Rossano Brazzi).

July 19, 2022 Carl Franklin Devil in a blue dress (which also comes out in 4K UHD) and Hamaguchi Ryusuke. drive my car will release. The first is an adaptation of Walter Mosley’s novel of the same name and tells the story of former trooper Eazy Rawlins, who is hired to find the missing mistress of a mayoral candidate. Concerning drive my carThe 2021 film was the season’s favorite, earning Best Picture and Best Director nominations, as well as winning the Oscar for Best International Feature Film.

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Finally, two additional films, Bong Joon Ho Okja and Sofia Coppola Virgin Suicideswill be released July 5, 2022. Each of the two films will receive a 4K restoration, meaning that four of the six films released in July will receive 4K versions.

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