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Constantine HBO Max Series Reportedly Finds Its John Constantine

upcoming Konstantin reboot may have found its main character as a new report from Illuminerdi suggests that actor Ṣọpẹ́ Dirisu is being considered for the lead role.

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Konstantin The reboot comes as JJ Abrams continues to develop his upcoming Justice League Dark franchise. According to the report, the Constantine-themed series is just a fraction of what HBO likely has planned for this year. Justice League Dark franchise, and other characters should also get their own films or television series.

The report also mentions that British writer Guy Bolton is to write the screenplay for the film. Konstantin series and that it would explore more of the horror elements associated with the comic book character rather than the more religious tones that past iterations had explored. The report specifically mentions Constantine’s involvement in more «supernatural mysteries», although it remains unclear what the end result will be if the series were to appear, and it is unknown how accurate this report will prove to be.

Dirisu is best known for his roles in the British action crime film. Gangs of Londonwhere he played Elliot Finch in nine episodes, as well as in the drama of the British period Serene, in which Dirisu took on the role of Sonny Sullivan in an eight-episode appearance. Dirisu also performed on stage playing Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) in the adaptation One night in Miami in 2016.

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Prior to this new casting announcement, the role of Constantine was played by actor Matt Ryan, who has appeared on many The CW Arrowverse shows as the iconic comic book detective and voiced the character in several DC Animated Universe films.

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