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Clean Giveaway: 3 Blu-rays of Adrien Brody Thriller

Thriller by Adrien Brody Clean is an now available on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of RLJE Films. The film starred Best Actor award winner Brody, who also wrote the film’s score and co-wrote the film’s screenplay with director Paul Solet. Thanks to RLJE, ComingSoon has three copies of the Blu-ray to give away.

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«A pure man with a violent and criminal past seeks redemption after being awakened by a personal tragedy,» reads the synopsis. “He dedicates his life to his broken community and the safety of a young girl who reminds him of his daughter. When her life is in danger, she ignites, returning to the darkness and violence he worked so hard to leave behind. In his attempts to save her, he may well save himself. ”

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To enter our Clean giveaways, you can either retweet the tweet below or comment our corresponding Facebook post. Giveaway ends May 17th. Good luck to everyone who enters and the winners must be in the US as this is a physical prize.

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