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Christian Bale’s ‘Thor’ Costume Revealed in New Promo Images

He’s definitely not Batman anymore.

One of the most intriguing aspects Thor: Love and Thunder is the fact that its villain, Gorr, is played by Christian Bale, a former DC Dark Knight. Moving from DC to Marvel, Bale will take on the role of Thor’s new enemy, although his exact plan is still completely unknown. Until today, we didn’t even know what he would look like in the film.

But a bunch of action figures from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends toy line have started to hit the shelves, and one of them is for Gorr Bale. The box art gives the best and most detailed depiction of his image in the film. (He even looks like Bale under all the makeup and scars.)

Back of the box is reading «Wielding strange and terrifying weapons, Gorr will not let anything stand in his way.» We don’t know what this strange and terrifying weapon is, but the figure comes with a big sword, so… that’s it.

Here are more photos of the figure (who looks a lot like Bale considering she’s only an inch or two tall and covered in gray paint and horribly scarred).

The rest of the figures in Thor: Love and Thunder The line includes two different versions of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, including one called «Thor the Devastator» and wearing cool space clothes. There is also a version of Natalie Portman as Thor, which is very similar to the other «Mighty Thor» figure introduced a few months ago.

Other figures include the Valkyrie King, Chris Pratt’s new version of Star-Lord, and teenage Groot. This is because the Guardians of the Galaxy appear in Thor: Love and Thunderscheduled to open exclusively in theaters on July 8, 2022.

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