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Chariot movie review & film summary (2022)

I bet you think that Hardy’s dream is something terrible or traumatic, a creepy nastiness that the director takes pleasure in scaring the viewer with repeatedly. As your humble reviewer, I’m bound to scare you by describing this, so stick with something solid if you’re squeamish. The dream is filmed from a lower point of view of a much younger Hardy, starting in his mother’s kitchen. As she stirs her dinner, she tells him to go to another room and ask her father about buying garlic from the supermarket. As Hardy walks down the hallway connecting the rooms his parents occupy, he notices an attic in the ceiling that was not in his childhood home. He looks up and sees a red cord hanging from the ceiling. Then he wakes up.

It would be unpleasant to have the same dream every night for decades, but if I were Hardy, I would be more worried that my subconscious is dry, brittle and unimaginative. Seagal’s lighthearted staging of sleep only reinforces his non-involvement and sets the tone for the entire film. Much stranger things happen in Hardy’s reality, but they never intrigue Chariot. Either Rosa explains them how she does it when Hardy asks «what’s the matter» of the man who floats through the lobby of their house every night («he floats,» she tells him), or they are embodied on screen by character actors who are jolted . away before we can fully appreciate their strangeness.

As expected, John Malkovich is an example of the latter, but before discussing him, I should mention Taylor-Compton’s Scout character, Lauren. Lauren appears to be a sweet, flirtatious woman, but Rose warns Hardy that she is sharing her body with an irate 55-year-old Brit named Oliver. He takes control when he fucking feels like it, and he’s not too happy about Lauren’s sex life violating his heterosexuality. Watching a Taylor-Compton pinball between Lauren and Oliver’s accents is a highlight of The Chariot; she fills the film with a crazy energy that it lacks when Dr. Karn is not on the screen. Too bad her screen time is so short.

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