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Castro’s Spies Trailer Previews Upcoming Documentary on Cuban Spies

ComingSoon is pleased to present the trailer for the upcoming Gravitas Ventures documentary. Castro’s spies. Directed and produced by Ollie Aslin and Gary Lennon, the film will be available digitally and in theaters on May 13th. It tells about Cuban spies who were secretly sent to America in the 90s.

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“From their recruitment, training and possible capture on US soil; this film peeks into the secret world of false identities, love affairs and betrayal,» reads the official synopsis. «Using never-before-seen footage from the Cuban Film Institute’s archives and first-hand accounts from the people behind the story, Castro’s Spies provides a rare glimpse into the spy’s ghostly world where the stakes are life and death.»

Check Castro’s spies trailer below:

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Castro's spies

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