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Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story Clip

ComingSoon is pleased to present a clip from the upcoming Hulu documentary series. Captive Audience: A True American Horror Story. The three-part documentary series explores the Stayner family, which includes child kidnapping victim Steven Stayner and serial killer Cary Stayner. All three episodes will premiere on April 21 on Hulu.

Check Captive Audience: A True American Horror Story clip below:

“This is a story about how a story is told and how the magnifying glass of the media influences the characters that are caught in the story. Brother and sister Ashley and Stephen Stayner Jr. never knew their famous father Stephen, a child victim of a shocking kidnapping in California who tragically died in an accident when they were young. In 1972, seven-year-old Stephen went to school – and never returned home. His mother Kay struggles to get the media interested in the case and to rally her family. Then, seven years later, a miracle: Steven returns. The media can’t get enough of this story and are feverishly attacking the Stayner home – but this isn’t the Hollywood finale it seems,» the synopsis reads.

“Now fourteen-year-old Stephen is struggling to adapt as his family struggles with life under the media microscope. Stephen Carey’s older brother has mixed feelings: happy that his brother is back, but jealous of how the media has turned Stephen into a hero. When Steven’s kidnapper is put on trial, the bitter truth is revealed and the media coverage takes a dark turn, sending Steven into a downward spiral. As soon as he begins to rebuild his life – with marriage, children and a popular TV movie about his history – the Stayers experience another tragedy. And soon they will become famous again, but for a completely different reason.

“Fast forward to 1999, when four women were brutally murdered in nearby Yosemite. Ashley Steiner was fourteen years old at the time, and she recalls how she was carried away by months of investigation until she learned that someone close had confessed to the crimes. The story brings the Stayners back into the spotlight, making us wonder how our appetite for these stories generates the demand that the media seeks to satisfy.»

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