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Bugsnax Switch, Xbox Release Date Comes Alongside Free Bigsnax DLC

Bagsnaks Bigsnax The DLC was revealed during State of Play on October 27 and promised a brand new area with giant snacks. An exact release date was not given, but Young Horses said it would be free. And now it only has a release date, it’s also coming with Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Steam and Nintendo Switch on April 28 for $24.99 with 20% off at launch. It will also launch on Xbox Game Pass on PC, console, and the cloud.

Young Horses talked about this in a new trailer. The island will have about three to four hours of new content on a separate island with a bunch of new creatures both big and small. Anyone who has completed all of Snorpy’s missions can play the DLC, and those who have completed the game can continue the game up to the point of no return. And due to a campaign started by Greg Miller of Kinda FunnyThe DLC will have its own set of trophies and achievements.

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The update will also affect the main game. Players can customize their Snacksburg hut by completing quests to earn cosmetic items for it. After converting grunts with Bugsnax, some of the Bugsnax in the game will have hats. Capturing these special critters will grant users the ability to equip the specified hats on Bugsnux in Grumble’s barn in Snaxburg. Although the patch remains cryptic, it will also contain gameplay improvements, small plot twists and surprises.

The game is also getting a $39 physical version on Switch via Fanheimer. It comes with a sticker, instruction manual and more. The game already has a physical edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but it looks like Xbox and PC owners will only be able to purchase the game digitally.

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