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Box of Rain Trailer Previews Grateful Dead Fan Documentary

ComingSoon is pleased to present the trailer for the documentary rain box, which takes a look at the world of the «Deadhead family», fans of the Grateful Dead. Directed and produced by Lonnie Fraser, the film will be released digitally by Mutiny Pictures on May 3, 2022.

«What do you do when you’re seventeen, suicidal and think the only thing the world has to offer you is violence and pain?» asks the official synopsis. “You get in your car and drive across the United States to see the Grateful Dead, of course. At least that’s what you do if you’re lucky. And, no doubt, Lonnie Fraser was very lucky. In 1985, Lonnie’s life spiraled out of control. Ironically, she found healing in an unlikely place: the Deadhead community. It all started with a trip and free tickets to a Grateful Dead concert at Red Rocks in Colorado.

“This film is an exploration of the Deadhead family, past and present, and the qualities that make it unique. We follow Lonnie as she reunites with the women she traveled with in her youth and makes new friends along the way. Through extensive interviews, she aims to dispel common stereotypes about dead heads and document the beauty of the community. We’ll find out how the Grateful Dead have impacted the lives of so many, how they’ve found healing through music, and what memories they hold most dear. Twenty-five years after the journey that started it all, Lonnie returns to Red Rocks to complete this film. On this journey, she discovers healing and the power to write her own story.»

Check rain box trailer below:

rain box is 78 minutes long and is not rated by the MPAA.

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