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Being Mortal Production Halted Due to Complaint Against Bill Murray

to be mortal, a new movie starring Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogan and Bill Murray is now in limbo. As reported in Diversity, this is solely due to an unspecified complaint against Murray. In a letter to the cast and crew, Searchlight Pictures said it would immediately investigate the incident. It’s unclear if Murray will return when production resumes or if he’ll be remade despite half of the movie being done.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time his name has come up lately when it comes to bad behavior on set. Last year, Lucy Liu told stories about Murray’s behavior on the set of the film. Charlie’s Angels. In particular, Ghostbusters the star directly insulted Liu, calling her a «TV actress». Murray was notoriously difficult to work with on set in many circumstances, due to a fiery attitude that, among other things, cost him his working relationship with good friend Harold Ramis.

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to be mortal is Aziz Ansari’s return to Hollywood after his own sexual harassment allegations were made public in 2018. Parks and recreation areas the actor writes, directs, produces and stars in the film. As such, he is involved in the decision-making process when it comes to Bill Murray and the reopening of production.

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