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Bad Bunny Will Be Sony’s Next Marvel Hero

During the recent Sony Pictures CinemaCon panel, it was officially announced that Grammy-winning Puerto Rican rapper Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, has signed on to be Marvel Studios’ next hero in the upcoming live-action film. El Muerto movie. He is the first Latin superhero to direct his own movie in the Marvel Universe. The premiere is scheduled for January 12, 2024.

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«It’s amazing, it’s incredible,» Ocasio said during his surprise appearance at CinemaCon. “I love wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling and I am a fighter. I’m a former champion so I love this character. I think it’s the perfect role for me and it’s going to be epic.»

In the comics, Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez is a super strong wrestler known as El Muerto. He inherited his powers from his father, who sacrificed his life to save Juan Carlos from their family’s longtime enemy Eldorado. In a charity wrestling match, El Muerto, Juan Carlos almost unmasks Spider-Man, who in turn stung him with a paralyzing venom. After failing to defeat Spider-Man, Eldorado returns to end El Muerto’s life. However, Spider-Man swoops in and saves him in time.

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Bad Bunny is no stranger to wrestling as he won the WWE 24/7 Championship and competed in several events including WrestleMania 37 and two Royal Rumble appearances. He also appeared as a recurring character in last year’s Narcos: Mexico. His next acting project will be a stellar action movie from Sony. High-speed train.

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