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Angelyne Trailer Shows Emmy Rossum as the Billboard Queen

Peacock released the official Angeline the trailer for his latest limited drama, which stars Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum as the titular billboard queen of the 1980s. The premiere is scheduled for Thursday, May 19.

The video, which you can watch below, teases the drama’s documentary-style narrative as various people from Angelina’s past are interviewed in an attempt to reveal her true identity. This highlights the influence of the titular personality and her growth as she goes to great lengths to achieve her ambitions.

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Angeline Showrunner Allison Miller and director Lucy Cherniak served as executive producers. These are the stars Emmy RossumMartin Freeman, Alex Karpovsky, Hamish Linklater, Charlie Rowe, Lucas Gage, Michael Angarano, Molly Ephraim, Philip Ettinger, Antwan Tobias, Tonatiu and David Krumholtz.

“A limited series about fame, individuality, survival, billboards, corvettes, lingerie, men, women, women, teasing men, men obsessed with women, West Hollywood, crystals, UFOs, and most importantly, the self-proclaimed Rorschach test. in pink, the glow-in-the-dark queen of the universe, Angelina,” the synopsis reads.

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Angeline produced by UCP and Matt Spider also directs. The executive producers are Emmy Rossum through her company Composition 8, Sam Esmail for UCP-based Esmail Corp, Chad Hamilton for Anonymous Content and The Hollywood Reporter. Gary Baum also serves as a consultant for the miniseries.

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