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Andor Reportedly Reduces Planned Season Count

Official Disney+ Star Wars series Andor Only one season in operation. Twelve episodes chronicling the adventures of protagonist Diego Luna before the events Rogue One. However, in a recent interview, director of photography Adriano Goldman let slip that the show has a lot more to it than that, although it may not be as big as it was originally intended.

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According to the interview (which was filmed in Portuguese), Goldman stated that the show he signed on was originally going to run for five seasons, but was cut to three. All of this could mean a few different things depending on how Disney plans to release the show on its streaming service. Against all odds, it looks like a second season is on the way, as star Stellan Skarsgård also revealed.

AndorThe first installment consists of 12 episodes, which is longer than any other. star Wars television project at the moment. Maybe Disney’s plan Andor began with a set number of episodes to tell its story, rather than a set order of seasons. That would mean the show just changed the number of episodes each season rather than cutting out some of those sweet moments. Rogue One knowledge.

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It’s also possible that Disney is just rebuilding all of its star Wars projects on Disney+ due to some unknown behind the scenes events. Fans must have noticed that parts Boba Fett book and The Mandalorian The second season felt more like parts of building a franchise than episodes of ongoing storytelling.

While this would be more difficult to do in a prequel series such as Andor or upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobitelevision that is available now indicates that Disney wants all of them star Wars the shows flow together rather than stand on their own. While this can have a great MCU-style effect, it can also make individual shows look smaller than they could be. When Andortime will show.

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