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Allison Janney Joins Kristen Wiig in Apple’s Mrs. American Pie Series

In accordance with TermOscar winner Allison Janney has officially signed on to star alongside Emmy nominee Kristen Wiig in Apple Studios’ upcoming 2018 TV adaptation of Juliet McDaniel’s novel. Mrs American Pie. The comedy series is being created by executive producer Laura Dern, who is also «looking at a key role» in the series.

This is Jennie’s first major TV project since the end of the long-running CBS comedy. Mum. The next time she can be seen in a drama film. Lesliecomedy movie People we hate at a weddingand sci-fi picture Real love.

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The action takes place in the era of the powder keg in the early 1970s. Mrs American Pie Directed by Oscar nominee Tate TaylorHelp) written by Abe Sylvia (Dead to me), who will serve as showrunner.

Grab a copy of the novel here.

«A tale of gloriously impossible people, it follows Maxine Simmons (Wig)’s attempt to take a seat at America’s most exclusive table: Palm Beach high society,» the synopsis reads. As Maxine tries to cross that thick line between the haves and the have-nots, the show asks the same questions that still baffle us: Who gets to sit at the table? How do you get a seat at the table? “What will you sacrifice to get there?”

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Mrs American Pie was designed by Oscar winner Laura Dern (Marriage history) and Jayme Lemons through their famous Jaywalker Pictures banner. Sylvia, Taylor, John Norris of Wyolah Entertainment and Cathy O’Connell Marsh of Boat Rocker serve as executive producers.

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