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Adieu Lacan Trailer Explores Controversial French Psychoanalyst

ComingSoon is happy to debut Farewell, Lacan Passion River Films drama trailer. Released on VOD and digital on May 10, the film stars David Patrick Kelly and Ismenia Mendez.

Farewell, Lacan tells the story of a young woman’s struggle to understand why her own path to motherhood reached an intolerable dead end. Jacques Lacan, a controversial French psychoanalyst who is widely regarded as one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th century, is played by David Patrick Kelly.John Wick, Twin Peaks), which deeply illuminates the psychoanalyst’s passion for his work,» reads the official synopsis. «Ismenia Mendes (Orange is the new blackk) plays Serema, a character based on the writer Betty Milan, whose youth and commitment to the truth of a young woman’s own experience make the encounter between analyst and patient tumultuous.»

Check Farewell, Lacan trailer below:

“Lacan compared the process of psychoanalysis to the maieutic process practiced by Socrates, saying that he knows nothing but that each of us must give birth to our own knowledge,” says director Richard S. Ledes. «Maieutic comes from a Greek word meaning «pertaining to midwifery.» We can say that in Farewell, Lacan Seriema’s character must first give rise to its own subjectivity in order to realize its desire to have a child.»

Ledes (Fred doesn’t move out) also wrote the screenplay for the film based on the play Goodbye Doctor and romance Parrot Lacan Brazilian psychoanalyst and writer Betty Milan.

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