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Adds New Game+, Legendary Weapons

Techland is constantly improving and complementing Dying Light 2 since its release in February, and the 1.3.0 update continues this trend. The patch notes have a whole list of changes headlined by the addition of New Game+ and legendary weapons.

Players have been asking for «New Game+» since the RPG elements in the title lend themselves to multiple playthroughs. It will also help users to collect collectibles that are required to get trophies and achievements. New Game+ also adds 30 more Inhibitors, which are also related to trophies and achievements, since there aren’t enough inhibitors in the campaign to fully upgrade health and stamina to get both associated trophies or achievements.

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Techland is also changing how the game works in New Game+ to keep players on their toes. Some of the heavier infected, such as bats and banshees, will spawn at night and all enemies will scale to the player’s level. The optional parkour targets also have a harder platinum race time. There are even encounters with gold, but Techland did not specify what it was. While these changes increase the difficulty, the game rolls a die for players, adding a new level of legendary weapons.

The update also contains a lot of bug fixes, which is suitable for a game running in a rather buggy state. But there is at least one setting change not related to its specs, as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will now be able to customize the game’s field of view. There’s also a new side mission called «Something Big Was Here» and it will feature new enemy variants.

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Here are the full Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0 Patch Notes:

New Game+

  • After you complete it once, the game can be played again, only this time with modified game settings to encourage a second playthrough through the implementation of a unique system and experience. Now the player can go through the story with animated mechanisms. These include new enemy behaviors, more challenging encounters, new objects in the world such as newly added inhibitors, and many other changes that will significantly change the way the game is played and allow the player to further develop their character. All of this is only available in New Game+!

    • 30 new inhibitors

    • New Platinum Targets for Parkour Challenges

    • Updated enemy distribution (e.g. bats and banshees spawn at night, wider selection of enemy pools in encounters)

    • Added a new level of legendary weapons

    • Added golden encounters

    • The difficulty of the enemies depends on the level of the player

Co-op Updates

Content update

Gameplay Updates

  • Enemies with bows are less annoying – reduced damage.

  • Completed achievements are correctly awarded upon completion. This also works for achievements that were obtained before the update.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Howlers and Screamers to become invulnerable to damage.

  • Fixed being able to fast travel between areas of the map after completing various quests.

  • Fixed occasional AI error when meeting people.

  • Fixed invulnerability of the infected to arrows.

  • Fixed missing rewards after encounters with bandits.

  • Fixed virus patrol movement on GRE facilities.

Quest updates

  • Fixed a bug related to wall clipping during the Let’s Waltz quest.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to become stuck after using an inhibitor, or opening the inventory after obtaining an inhibitor in the Plague Markers quest.

  • Fixed a map display error in the quest The only way out

  • Fixed Hakon disappearing in the Into Darkness quest after playing co-op.

  • Fixed Sophie’s inaccessible position in the Raid quest.

UI/UX updates

  • Added FOV slider on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

  • Improved UI texture optimization.

  • Fixed issues related to switching between keyboard and gamepad.

  • Fixed the pop-up message about the inhibitor in the Markers of the Plague quest.

  • Fixed display of the quest in the journal

  • Fixed display of tutorial window

  • Fixed display of weapon durability, quest tracking and inventory management on the second ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo display.

  • Aiden should no longer be in a T pose in the main menu.

  • Fixed crashes related to launching the game at 5760×1080 resolution.

  • Fixed the display of incorrect numbers on the immunity scale.

  • Minor changes to PC key bindings

Technical updates

  • Improved game stability

  • Fixed multiple crash sources

  • Improved framerate stability in various locations on the map.

  • Fixed several bugs that could cause players to see and fall outside of the map texture.

  • Fixed random texture glitches in various locations on the map.

  • Fixed various audio glitches

  • …and numerous additional bug fixes and quality improvements.

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