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Adam Sandler Working With the Safdies On A New Project

Adam Sandler is reportedly teaming up with directors Josh and Benny Safdie again for a new mystery project that has yet to be announced. The Safdie Brothers previously directed Sandler in the 2019 film. Uncut Gemsin which Sandler played a charismatic jeweler with a severe gambling addiction.

In a recent report from IndieWire, it was revealed that Sandler and Safdie were currently «preparing another project». While we don’t know if this project will take the form of a TV series or a movie, it’s nice to think that we might end up with another great piece of art as a result of this creative partnership. Manufacturer A24, Uncut Gems received critical acclaim upon its release, with particular praise for Sandler’s outstanding career performance. Sandler won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Actor.

The Safdie brothers have a knack for writing roles that allow famous actors to reinvent themselves on screen. In their 2017 film good timeRobert Pattinson plays a criminal who goes to great lengths to protect his mentally handicapped brother (played by Benny Safdie himself). Message-Uncut GemsSafdie worked with Sandler on a 2020 short film. Goldman vs. Silvermanwhich allowed the actor to enter the role of a New York street performer.

Meanwhile, Sandler has been busy producing his content for Netflix, where he has a multi-million dollar contract. While this collaboration, including freshly wrapped Murder Mystery 2 — tend to be lighter in tone, we can expect his next project with the Safdie brothers to give him a chance to showcase his dramatic acting skills yet again.

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