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Adam Sandler and the Safdie Brothers Are Teaming Up Again

The Safdie brothers and Adam Sandler seemed like an odd couple for Uncut Gems, but the result is one of the most popular films of 2019. And now it seems like the three of them are collaborating on another project.

In accordance with IndieWire Vice President, Executive Editor Eric Cohn, his sources said that «Sandler and Safdie are already preparing another project.» He didn’t elaborate on exactly what that means, so it’s not clear what they’re working on, if anything at all. Safdie currently working with Nathan Fielder in a creepy comedy for Showtime called Damn starring Emma Stone.

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This will be their third collaboration after Uncut Gems and Goldman vs. Silverman, the latter of which is a short film they made in their spare time making the former. Benny and Josh Safdie have spoken in the past about their respect for Sandler. saying that they dreamed of working with him since seeing Sandler’s biggest hits of the 90s like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. They even sent him letters in 2011 about what would happen. Uncut Gemsbut did not hear the answer.

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