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A WWE RPG Is in Development

VVE 2K22 was more or less a comeback title that wrestling fans have been asking for. And with that success, WWE is doubling down on gaming by unofficially announcing a new RPG.

As noted Combat, WWE Chief Brand Manager Stephanie McMahon opened up about this enigmatic role-playing game during a financial earnings call. In it, she talked about how to take a year off to recover from 2Q20 greatly helped the series and brought it «a commercial and critical success». According to her, he has the highest average scores in the franchise and, according to NAP, became the seventh bestseller in March. McMahon then spoke about how the team is expanding its reach into the gaming space.

“We continue to improve the performance of our mobile games with 2K and Scopely, SuperCard and Champions, and recently signed a new RPG deal that will be announced soon,” she said.

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She did not talk about any possible studios that could develop the game, nor about its scope, nor about the platforms on which it will work. All this is still under wraps, but it looks like it won’t take long for answers to these questions to be answered.

This also happens about two months after WrestleQuest A retro-RPG about wrestling has been announced. He does not have a WWE license, but there are several well-known wrestlers such as «Macho» Randy Savage, Booker T, Andre the Giant, Jake «Snake» Roberts, Diamond Dallas Pageand Jeff Jarrett.

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