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A Whole New ‘Jackass’ Movie Is Coming to Netflix

There is a long and glorious tradition Freaks the dudes shoot a lot more footage than they need for each of their films and then sift it down to the best of the best stunts for release in theaters. They then usually create at least one more bonus movie from the remaining footage, each of which is dubbed. Freaks 1.5, Freaks 2.5and so on – it lives on home video.

True to form, sublimely entertaining Freaks forever has now spawned a second film called Freaks 4.5. Next month, this film will not be released in theaters, but directly on Netflix. In announcing the film, Netflix noted that Freaks 4.5 contains «the entire crew» of Freaks forever. This is good; I need a lot more Poopies in my life.

To celebrate the announcement, Netflix shared one of the new stunts from the movie Swingset Gauntlet, where some actors sit on a swing while others walk in front of them on a conveyor belt. If they pass someone as they swing forward, well, that’s how the comedy magic happens.

It’s really nice. Painful but glorious.

Freaks 4.5 premieres on Netflix May 20. If you can’t bear it, Freaks forever already streaming on Paramount+. The Blu-ray was also released today, so if you don’t have a subscription, you can now grab a physical copy instead.

this is very nice Freaks team to do something for the people in National Stress Awareness Month. I have a lot of stress in my life right now and I look Freaks really helps alleviate some of them. It’s amazing how someone else’s self-harm actively contributes to my self-care.

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