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A Surprising Sequel Is the Most-Watched Movie on Netflix

I remain somewhat obsessed with Netflix’s Top Tens website, where you can see the most popular movies and shows on the streaming service ever, as well as the most popular titles of any given week. It also allows you to browse the most popular titles in every country on the planet where Netflix is ​​offered, some of which are very amazing. You never know what weird things are inexplicably popular in countries like Iceland or Peru. (This week: 47 meters down: no cage! It’s the #4 movie in Peru, baby!)

The site is updated every Tuesday and this week it shows that the most watched movie on Netflix right now is on wide margin – was 365 days: this dayintense erotic thriller from Poland, which is the sequel to 365 days, which became a surprise hit on Netflix last spring. Subscribers just couldn’t get enough; they watched 77.9 million hours 365 days: this day last week, which is almost as many as the other nine films in the Netflix top ten combined. (The other nine films saw a total of 79 million hours last week.)

The sequel topped the charts, while the original 365 days also jumped back into the top ten; he was #4 on the list with 10 million hours expended. Here is the full list of the ten most watched movies on Netflix over the past week:

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By the way, 77.9 million hours 365 days: this day roughly corresponds to 3.24 million days, if you’re wondering how that fits in with the title.

There is a lesson here: never underestimate the power of nudity. This is what people want to watch. Well, this and Shrek. People just love this cannibal, even though this movie is 21 years old.

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These supposedly swoon-worthy scenes don’t really hold up over time.

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