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A Shocking Marvel Character Made a Hidden ‘No Way Home’ Cameo

When Stan Lee left his job as a screenwriter The Incredible Spiderman after the series’ 100th issue, he hasn’t quite made life easy for his successor. Instead of giving Peter Parker back something like his basic status quo, he turned the whole book upside down when he left. Lee’s last regular release as The amazing Spider Man The writer ends with Peter taking an experimental serum, hoping that it will cure him of his spider powers. Instead, he gives him four extra arms. Oops! (If you’re interested in learning more about this period in Spider-Man’s history, I know really great book on the subject.)

If you’re unfamiliar, the Six-Armed Spider-Man is indeed one of the strangest creatures in the Marvel library.

This Six-Armed Spider-Man didn’t last long as a main character. The Incredible Spiderman. (It’s hard to maintain a secret superhero identity when you’re a dude who walks around with two extra pairs of arms sticking out of your torso.) With a couple of problems, Peter was able to get all six of his arms. on the antidote and return to its original form. But its bizarre appearance has made it a popular element of the Spider-Man mythos among hardcore fans – so popular that the creators Spiderman: No Way Home dragged him into the film in a cameo that almost everyone missed. (By «almost everyone» I mean myself. I definitely didn’t catch it the first time.)

In a video from the Sony YouTube channel showing one of No way home Features of the Blu-ray, you can see where the Six Armed Spider-Man was hiding among these mysterious figures in the sky during the final battle between Spider-Man and his enemies for the Statue of Liberty:

I’m guessing the idea is that in some alternate corner of the multiverse, Peter Parker never got rid of his extra arms and was forever stuck as the Six-Armed Spider-Man. If you think about it, there was a problem What if…? comics with exactly this message.

And since every story on What if…? The series is supposed to be another facet of the multiverse, you can imagine the dude in No way home is an This Spiderman on the cover of this What if…?

Spiderman: No Way Home now available in digital, 4K and Blu-ray.

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