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A Satisfying, Yet Slightly Rushed Finale

Conclusion of the latest Marvel mini-series, moon knight, got on Disney+. Gods and Monsters is the sixth and final installment in the series, taking us back to when Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) shot Mark Spector (Oscar Isaac) in episode four. creative choice. Harrow takes the shabti to complete the ritual in a disappointing ending that remains satisfying enough to end one of Marvel’s most compelling superhero adventures.

Tavaret stops Layla from attacking Harrow, saying they need Khonshu’s help. This is the episode that develops Harrow’s power as a villain as we finally get more of the power that he and his cult have. Harrow kills several Avatars and frees Ammit. Layla refuses to become Khonshu’s avatar, as this time the series has a significant amount of time without the main character. This sets up the events of Episode 5 as events that happened in Spector’s head, offering more context for the show’s twist while still being a compelling show.

Spector stands in the Reed Field and decides to return for Stephen Grant. Their relationship is quite fascinating, as is their evolution throughout the show. At times, the Buddy Cop dynamic can seem to take place within one person, which is an original idea that can only be expressed through that character. The two escape the Duat and Khonshu returns Moon Knight on the condition that he release them after Ammit is no longer a threat. It’s great to see Moon Knight and Mister Knight in action again and working together as a unit as they create a very well choreographed fight scene that director Mohamed Diab manages with great precision.

Meanwhile, Layla accepts Tauret’s offer to be her temporary avatar. Layla unexpectedly becomes the Scarlet Scarab, fighting alongside Moon Knight as superheroes. There is a moving sequence of actions with a general plan, reminiscent of oldboy and when Moon Knight, Mister Knight, and the Scarlet Scarab fight Harrow on the ground while Khonshu fights Ammit, it leads to an exciting final action sequence that should have been longer. Unfortunately, the battle only lasted about five minutes, and more could have been done with the action, because the action we get is phenomenal.

The most disappointing aspect of the episode is that both Spector and Grant passed out upon waking to find that Harrow had been defeated. This is how the writers decided to tease the idea of ​​a third person, but it should have been done much earlier in the series. If the writers had wanted a third person to defeat Harrow, it would have been much more satisfying to see the battle end and then we find that neither Spector nor Grant defeated him. Character Eclipse feels like the episode missed out on what could have been the show’s most exciting moment.

When Khonshu convinces Spector to kill Ammit before she can kill more people, Spector realizes that Khonshu is trying to stop Ammit from doing the same thing he does himself by depriving her of her choice. The philosophical question at the heart of the series comes up again, and after we get a brief scene at the orphanage again, Spector wakes up in his apartment again. The episode ends, but it seems like there’s still more to decide. There should have been more determination with Layla and how she responded to her powers as well as her relationship with Spector. The show feels like all of its signature moments were wasted on the previous episode and none of it was realized in the finale.

In the middle of the credits, Harrow is executed by a third person, Jake Lockley. This moment was set throughout the show and is the most interesting part of the episode. Generally, moon knight finale did everything he had to do, still feeling rushed. It’s odd that the season finale was the shortest episode of the show when it had a larger task than any previous episode. However, the show is unrelated to other Marvel Cinematic Universe properties, introducing a new, exciting hero to an ever-expanding universe. We can only wait with bated breath to see if there will be a second season and what familiar faces we might see if and when the time comes.

CHECK: 7/10

As explained in ComingSoon’s review rules, a score of 7 is «Good». A successful entertainment that is worth a try, but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

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