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A New Party Game Staple

The trend of using phones in video games as controllers has led to quite a few solid releases such as Party Jackbox Package a series that has led to a lot of fun titles with ridiculous premise that ties into user creativity. Last party game in this lane RiffTrax: The Game and he lovingly draws inspiration from MST3K and the age-old tradition of puzzling over some less-than-stellar video clips. While it’s not a full blown triumph, there’s more than enough fun here to become a new staple at parties.

The game simply has two modes: Write-a-Riff and Pick-a-Riff. In each of them, the player comes up with a joke that is said at the end of an excerpt from an old movie or TV clip under the guise of losing sound and having to overdub it. As the titles suggest, one is about writing jokes on your own and getting creative, and the other is about picking pre-written jokes (which are admittedly smart but rarely get a laugh) from a list. For the most part, Pick-a-Riff is a complete failure as it lacks the creativity and user input that are the lifeblood of this type of game.

The entire game mode being a waste of time would normally be a major red flag, but thankfully Write-a-Riff is an absolute blast and strong enough to be a mainstay of the game. The premise is simple as players vote on who wrote the funniest line at the end of each round, but the presentation has a lot of character thanks to a funny narrator. Web site also works just as well as the one Jackbox use titles and thankfully don’t require app downloads (which is doomed to many Sony PlayLink games). All the functionality you’d hope for, like being able to watch the script if you missed it or adding sound effects, is there and demonstrates that this is clearly a party game that Wide Right Interactive has been able to polish thanks to their work on What is an Oak?!.

Its Twitch integration is another demo RiffTrax: The Gamevarnish. Not only does this allow viewers to vote, but streamers can also appoint a moderator who approves or rejects potentially offensive suggestions before they are shown, both of which are thoughtful additions that compliment the core gameplay. Due to it being a strong game to stream, it’s worth checking out the stream on Twitch and playing a few rounds before buying the game as you can still feel the charm of it, like the text-to-speech robot will sometimes say the words not right. in the sweetest way. Plus, you can just make new friends along the way and find someone whose sense of humor matches yours, which is the best part of that overall experience.

In the end, RiffTrax: A game shines when you play with friends who know each other and are ready to joke in the game. More competitive users might even try to avoid voting for the players they think are winning by trying to recognize their friends’ writing style, which makes it even more fun when you’re surprised that a mild-mannered buddy cracked the most obscene joke. It’s these moments that make the party game special, and there are plenty of them in this simple and well-executed premise.

CHECK: 7.5/10

As explained in ComingSoon’s review rules, a score of 7.5 is equivalent to «good». A successful entertainment that is worth a try, but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Disclosure: A critic purchased a PlayStation 4 code for our RiffTrax: The Game consideration. Tested on version 1.02.
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