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A Live-Action ‘Voltron’ Movie Is Coming to Amazon

Long ago, from the unknown corners of the universe comes a legend… the legend of Voltron, the protector of the universe.

(Live now.)

Animated series 80s Voltron remains popular with fans nostalgic for the era, and the series has received several animated revivals over the years. Surprisingly, the big screen version Voltron – about a team of heroes who control five robotic lions that combine into one giant badass robot – the movie was never made into a movie, like most of the most popular children’s cartoons of that era, such as transformers and G.I. Joe received their own cinematic adaptations.

big screen Voltron was proposed in the mid-2000s, but legal wrangling over rights, followed by various corporate bankruptcies, essentially sank the project before it even came to fruition. Finally, now it seems that the film will actually take place. Hollywood Reporter says Amazon is in talks for live action Voltron Rawson Marshall Thurber will direct. His latest project red noticerecently became the most watched Netflix movie in history.

In accordance with THR«Thurber also conceived the story and will co-write the screenplay with Ellen Shanman.» But it’s not yet clear if Thurber will direct. Voltron immediately; it was not just one red notice sequel, but two – potentially shot in a row, like The Matrix Reloaded and revolutions to reduce costs. If these films come out, it might push Voltron back. And have fans of lions turning into big robots suffered enough?!?

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