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A ‘Hot Wheels’ Movie Is Coming From J.J. Abrams

For a movie about fast cars, Hot Wheels of course, take your time getting to the screen.

Back in 2013, Mattel allegedly found a director to create a movie based on the iconic brand of toy cars. But this movie didn’t happen. In 2016 Justin Lin had to do Hot Wheels movie. He was an excellent choice; the guy sent a whole bunch Fast and Furious cinema. He did Hot Wheels movie? I don’t remember any for sure!

Now JJ Abrams and his production company Bad Robot will be the latest filmmakers to try to get Hot Wheels film from the starting line. According to Mattel Press release, Abrams, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. are now working on a «live-action film about the iconic and timeless toy racing car.» They didn’t provide any details about the plot, but called it «a thrilling action movie» that «brings this generational-loved franchise to life and showcases some of the hottest, most elegant cars, monster trucks, and motorcycles in the world.» «.

Here’s how Hannah Minghella, president of Bad Robot Motion Pictures, described the project.

Before Hot Wheels became the world famous brand it is today, it was the dream of Elliot Handler, who invented and built toy cars at home in his Southern California garage. It’s the imagination, the passion and the spirit of risk that we want to capture in this film.

A problem with Hot Wheels movie, as is often the case with toy movies, is that Hot Wheels popular, but they have no established history or character. They are just cars! This could explain why, despite the recognizability of the name, no one ever pulled Hot Wheels movie off; you really need to write the damn thing and find a way to be famous Hot Wheels an orange ramp somewhere in the script. Let’s see what Bad Robot comes up with.

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