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7 Star Wars Disney+ Series We’d Love to See

With Boba Fett book recently completed and Obi-Wan Kenobi series on its way to Disney+, star Wars the show is definitely in full swing on the platform. An entire galaxy to cover and several millennia to play with, so many stories to tell with both new and familiar characters.

as it is star Wars Day, time to talk about the expansion of this galaxy far, far away. So here are some of our top ideas for star Wars Disney+ show.

Three droids and a porg

I’m biased, but R2-D2 is my favorite character in everything star Wars galaxy. Seeing him, BB-8, and D-0 set off in little adventure short droids accompanied by a porg would be wonderful. Not for a full-length TV show, but for five-minute shorts featuring silent comedy greats like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. They would be a great and light-hearted accompaniment to some of the darker entries on this list, as well as some of the darker aspects of the Star Wars universe in general. Imagine three droids and a porg trying to do anything from the simple, from baking cookies to something as wild as an X-wing crew, to outrun smuggler hunters. There is an endless list of ideas to play with, and enough cuteness and sass to knock a Bantu down.

Rise of Darth Bane

Putting it back, for those who don’t know, Darth Bane was the Sith Lord who established the Rule of Two because all Sith killed each other out of greed and fighting. It was a thousand years before the events New Hope, and since the Expanded Universe is no longer considered canon, the series will basically have a blank slate to work with. Watching Bane wage an all-out Sith war while facing Jedi interference and seeing him use cunning and skill to be the last man standing can be exceptionally compelling if done right. After all, everyone loves a good villain protagonist. Bringing more attention to the Dark Side of the Force would also be an interesting shake-up of the status quo.

Origin of the Finn

Finn was robbed in the sequel trilogy and his character definitely deserves more attention. Having a series set after the end Rise of Skywalker which is about Finn finding his biological parents would be perfect, especially given the issues with dead/missing parents that almost everyone in star Wars the universe and how often it gets swept under the rug. Not that his journey should have a happy ending, but it would be great to see how it goes. Having a real mystery series in star Wars the universe would also have been an exciting change of pace, not something we’ve seen on screen, barring Rey’s failed enigmatic legacy. Of course, we would also like Poe and BB-8 to join us for moral support and encouragement as well. Considering how serious Disney’s problems are for being anti-LGBTQ+ right now, giving the Finn/Po shippers a happy ending would certainly not be out of place.

Skystrike Academy

The Skystrike Academy was an imperial academy that trained fighter pilots, and Wedge Antilles originally learned to fly there before dropping out to join the Rebellion. Wedge’s story has already been covered in Star Wars Rebels, but the academy itself serves as a fantastic backdrop for many other stories. Exploring the motivations of pilots joining the Empire, watching any other members of the Rebellion, and just plain old character-driven drama with a bit of fast-paced combat sounds like the perfect combination to me. And come on, Skystrike is too cool a name to mention a couple of times in rebels and never use again.

Qui-Gon and Dooku (Rise and Fall)

In his youth, Qui-Gon was a student of Count Dooku before the Count turned to the Dark Side. Their yin-yang dynamics can work as a perfect mirror, showing how Qui-Gon becomes a Jedi and grows as a person, while Dooku goes deeper into the dark side. A young Obi-Wan as Qui-Gon’s apprentice would also be fun to see Hidden threat. Their backstory has been touched upon in some novels and comics, but like Darth Bane, the non-canonization of Expanded Universe material opens up a whole streak of time for imaginative play. Considering the last time a Jedi fell, we squeezed six movies out of him, Qui-Gon and Dooku’s journey could definitely be told over several seasons of the show, albeit with multiple timeskips.

Doctor Aphra

Doctor Aphra originally appeared in Marvel star Wars comic book, is a rogue archaeologist who worked with Darth Vader and two assassin droids before faking his own death and continuing his journey across the galaxy with his droid companions. Aphra is a complex and interesting character, and the show could have explored her time with Vader or after she faked her own death. Plus, there’s plenty of comic book material to draw on and inspiration for any scenario. Not many archaeologists jumping around. star Wars universe, but in a galaxy with so many different species and cultures, it’s an exciting profession and a new way to explore the franchise more deeply. The series also has the luxury of taking on genres that we don’t usually see in star Warsand it could easily be written as a horror, thriller, or melodrama.

Temiri Blagg

One of a gang of street urchins living in Canto Bight who has been shown to be Force-sensitive, Blagg has almost no screen time in The Last Jedibut his personal circumstances make for an interesting story. As with the Finn series, this will obviously happen after Rise of Skywalkerbut it could show another side of the franchise. The seedy underworld of Canto Bight and the plight of orphaned street urchins and ordinary people struggling to survive in that environment could come into focus either in the context of a crime series or even in the context of a heist. Considering Blagg’s age, this could also be a teen drama. As for Blagg himself, the struggle to be Force-sensitive without anyone to guide or teach him would be an exciting journey to observe, and again, one that no one had mentioned before.

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