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12 Actors Who Did Crazy Things To Get Into Character

It often seems that film actors have it easy. They will live out incredible scenarios in front of the camera, equipped with a powerful script and talented colleagues. But the work of an actor is serious work, and a lot can affect a person, both physically and morally.

It only makes sense that the actors rely on personal experience when playing a role. After all, most of us have gone through almost universal feelings of love, loss, pain, and joy. Using these emotions can make the performance feel more down to earth and real. The preparation process for each actor is different. Some choose to approach the role from an analytical, pragmatic perspective, while others prefer to dive in with their body and mind.

Every now and then there is a juicy part that is hard for the actor to sink his teeth into. Maybe it’s because this character lives a life that goes completely beyond everyday life. In this case, an actor can prepare for a role by drastically changing their appearance or changing their lifestyle to reflect the character’s lifestyle. As you’ll soon learn, some actors will stop at nothing to access the mind of the role they play.

The following actors have put in a lot of effort to fully embody their roles on screen. Whether it’s sleeping inside an animal carcass, dislocating a rib, or going to the hospital for drinking too much vegetable juice, nothing is off limits.

12 Actors Who Did Crazy Things To Get Into A Role

These actors would stop at nothing to impersonate their on-screen roles.

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