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10 Actors Who Were Traumatized By Movie Roles

Many of today’s most famous actors will go all out for their roles. We’re aware of some pretty insane preparation methods that actors use to get full access to their characters, but we don’t often think about the long-term implications these actions can have. While an actor’s stellar performance is often rewarded with critical praise and sometimes even awards, the emotional damage from a difficult role can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several years.

Sometimes the character played by an actor is especially hard to come by and there is no personal experience to draw on. This requires the actor to delve into spaces in his psyche that might otherwise be left untouched. After all, how else could an actress like Kate Winslet get into the space above the head of the warden of Auschwitz in Reader? Or how Val Kilmer managed to transition into Jim Morrison’s drug-fuelled rock and roll lifestyle? These actors take their craft seriously and it definitely shows in the finished product. But the thing is, once you connect to these parts of yourself, it will be difficult for you to return to your normal self. Sometimes it even takes professional therapy to get away from a project completely.

While some characters are naturally easy to let go, some stay with the actor long after the cameras have stopped rolling. Below you will find several actors who have been traumatized after giving up all their roles. A particularly harrowing experience can shake an actor, but it’s a daily job, right?

Actors who were traumatized by their roles

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